Rosie Flewitt

UCL Insitute of Education, UK

A Day in the Digital Lives of 0-3 Year Old Children

Given the widespread use of digital technologies in contemporary communication, there is an increasing trend for young children to use an array of digital, interactive, converged and personalised devices. These fast-changing practices are transforming the ways that even the youngest children learn about language and early literacy, yet very little is known about how digital technologies permeate the everyday lives and learning of very young children. This paper reports on a small-scale scoping study of how young children aged 0-3 years engage with digital technologies as part of their everyday lives at home, and how parents support their early language and literacy learning with digital media. The study used an innovative ‘Day in the life’ methodological approach, which involved three to four visits to home settings and included one full day of video recording of each family’s everyday activities. The paper discusses the opportunities and challenges of using this methodology, and offers unique insights into how very young children engage with diverse media in today’s technology-rich world, where participation requires the mastery of a complex repertoire of representational ‘modes’, including combinations of spoken language, music, gaze, gesture and body movement.


Rosie Flewitt
Dr Rosie Flewitt is based in the Department of Learning and Leadership at UCL Institute of Education where she is Head of Research and Co-Director of the Helen Hamlyn Centre for Pedagogy (0-11 years). Her research and teaching focus on young children’s communication and literacy, including how very young children engage with digital media as part of everyday literacy practices. Interwoven threads that run through this work are the innovative development of inclusive and creative pedagogy, and multimodal, ethnographic and participatory approaches to education research. Dr Flewitt has extensive experience in case study research in EYE settings, including evaluations of SureStart provision in areas of social disadvantage and the development of pedagogy for social justice based on young children’s storytelling and story acting. Recent publications include:
Flewitt, R., Jones, P., Potter, J., Domingo, M., Collins, P., Munday, E., Stenning, K. (2017). ‘I enjoyed it because…you could do whatever you wanted and be creative’: three principles for participatory research and pedagogy. International Journal of Research and Method in Education. First online 27.11.2017.
Cremin, T., Flewitt, R., Swann, J., Faulkner, D., Kucirkova, N. (2017). Storytelling and story-acting: co-construction in action. Journal of Early Childhood Research. 16 (1): 3-17.
Cremin, T., Flewitt, R., Mardell, B. and Swann, J. (2017) (Eds.) Storytelling in Early Childhood: Language, Literacy, and Culture, London and New York: Routledge. (Winner of the UKLA 2018 Academic Book Award).




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